Fragments – Mike Thorn x Matt Plezier

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Fragments – Mike Thorn x Matt Plezier

Am so excited to have this turn up - a year in the making this is my collaboration with old friend, self-publishing mentor, and record label boss Matt Plezier. A hand assembled art book focused on the energy, the passion, the sound and the fury of hardcore punk. Just a few in available now, more to come later in the year. Yes these are expensive.

"A gift accepted in the age of terror

Motion is impossible. This is what Zeno proved in his paradoxes, and this is what Michael Thorn has consistently proven with his photography thus far. For it is not simply a question of whether the photographic image is a visual document that supplants or supplements movement, but rather that it is a peculiar object which when produced correctly, completes all movement. Movement in itself says that we’re not really here. So, where are we exactly?"

- John H. Philippakis, London, July 2020

Size: 21 x 30 cm
Pages: 48
Edition: 40 (numbered)

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